Music divinity….


This is by far; the most popular dance format. 
So much so, that there exists over a dozen related branches including New York dub, Chicago, New Jersey, 
Miami, garage, tribal, acid... in fact, almost every other format touches on house at 
some point because the steady 4/4 time signature beat is virtually universal in dance music. 

Attributes: the beat, keyboards, home synthesizers, male vocals, female vocals at all... add any or all.
What you add defines what kind of house it is but what makes it house is it the beat 110 to 128 BPM.

i love house music

Examples: lnner City, MK, Ralphie Rosario, Robin S., and anything on the Murk; Eightball or Strictly Rhythm labels.

One response

  1. pancho armas

    house house house

    July 18, 2013 at 12:17 am

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