Music divinity….


Music is a Universal language, with something for everyone.

Music is treated as a manifestation of the divine.It is considered as a medium of understanding the all-pervading divinity.Music is something through which we can express that part of our life and soul which we cannot show to the world. According to Indian Mythology music is commonly called as “the harmony of the spheres”.Music is where life does not imitate art but art comes to life.

Rythm of life

Variety is the spice of life – this is certainly true of music, resulting in multiple genres.It is rather difficult to trace the particularities of Music through its growth at every stage of its culture through its 3000 to 5000 years of evolution.A music genre is a category (or genre) of pieces of music that share a certain style or “basic musical language”. Music can also be categorized by non-musical criteria such as geographical origin. Such categories are not strictly genre and a single geographical category will often include a number of different genre.
Categorizing music, especially into finer genres or sub-genres, can be difficult for newly emerging styles or for pieces of music that incorporate features of multiple genres.Dividing music by genre does make it easier to trace threads through music history, and makes it easier for individuals to find artists that they enjoy.Although there are many individual genres, it is possible to group these together into a number of overlapping major groupings. This blog is an attempts to do that for a number of widely agreed areas. Its an attempts for the beginners to know something more and deep about music and specially what actually they are listening i.e. what type of music which genre what’s its origin who are the famous artists and much more of it.


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